These are the docs for the latest stable release of the Bolt Design System. Looking for the previous release, v2.26.1?

Manually Cutting a Bolt Release

Note: all of these instructions take place after you’ve gotten the changes that need to be part of this release merged onto the release/2.x branch

1. Preflight Checks

git checkout release/2.x
npm run setup
npm run lint
npm run test
npm run build # pre-release build for FE assets published to NPM

2. Pre-publish Tasks

Auto-update version of Bolt's PHP dependencies

Update PHP packages with the new version we’ll be going up to. Addresses earlier workflow issues where this could only happen after we finished publishing.

node scripts/release/update-php-package-versions.js -v 2.5.5

Add updated PHP files to Git

git commit -m "chore: version bump PHP-related dependencies to v2.5.5"

Get Tokens for Github +


Grab a token from (only public_repo permissions needed).

Export a fresh copy of your Github token.

export GITHUB_TOKEN=abc12347496507419bef5928173d759488aa1234

Grab a token from

Export a fresh copy of your token.

export NOW_TOKEN=abcdT6Dfu6T0ZgFN33x2ntAB

Login to Now via CLI

npm i -g now # install `now` globally if you haven't already
now login

Alias the new URL we’ll be publishing to in order to minimize the total # of build steps

now alias

3. Publish

npm login # login to `npm` if you haven't already
npx lerna publish -m "[skip travis] chore(release): publish %s" 2.5.5
# review + confirm package changes
y # confirm + press enter

4. Build + Deploy

Expire the .incache cache by updating the expiresOn date to be in the past

npx json -I -f docs-site/.incache -e 'this["bolt-tags"].expiresOn = "2019-06-14T12:30:26.377Z"'
npx json -I -f docs-site/.incache -e 'this["bolt-urls-to-test"].expiresOn = "2019-06-14T12:30:26.377Z"'

Regenerate the docs site using the updated .incache data file + updated package data

npm run build

Deploy to

npm run deploy

Alias Deployment to Custom Domains

now alias
now alias
now alias
now alias
now alias
now alias

5. Post-deploy updates

git add . # add updated .incache to Git
git commit -m "chore(release): publish v2.5.5"

Update git tag

git tag -fa v2.5.5 -m v2.5.5
git push --no-verify
git push origin v2.5.5 --no-verify --force ## needed since we updated the tag

Pull updates into master

git checkout master
git pull
git merge release/2.x
git commit
git push

Announce The Release

  • Update the Github release notes and add to the releases section (make sure to add these to the correct Git tag!)
  • Confirm the live site is up to date
  • Announce the release on our Slack's design-system channel


Make sure tag release on Travis builds and deploys successfully since this is how external PHP git repos get updated: