These are the docs for the latest stable release of the Bolt Design System. Looking for the previous release, v2.26.1?

.boltrc Config

The order goes like this, as this list increases, the later override the earlier Order inspired by

  1. Each property has a default
  2. userConfig from .boltrc.js that's in same cwd as where bolt was ran, unless they use --config-file path/to/.boltrc.js
  3. Env Vars with bolt_ prefix; bolt_verbosity=1 will override config.verbosity - case matters!
  4. Certain command line options like bolt build --verbosity 5 - not every config option is overridable this way. Run bolt --help or bolt build --help to see options.

For both 3 & 4, it doesn't support deep merges, so only top level properties.