These are the docs for the latest stable release of the Bolt Design System. Looking for the previous release, v2.26.1?


Optimizing Bolt's Build For Different Languages

NOTE: add note about compiling Bolt for just one specific language at a time vs compiling for multiple languages

Step 1. Add a lang prop to your .boltrc config

This should be an array of the two-character language codes you want to compile optimized builds for.

Note: currently this only includes en and ja althouh more language-specific builds could be added in the future.

Only Compile Japanese-optimized Build

lang: ['ja'], // ex. only compile the ja-optimized build

Compile Japanese and English optimized Builds (Japanese set as the default)

lang: ['ja', 'en'], // ja + en in the same build; ja used by default on docs site

Compile Japanese and English optimized Builds (English set as the default)

lang: ['en', 'ja'], // en + ja in the same build; en used by default on docs site

Only Compile Japanese Optimized Build (Deprecated String Lang Method)

lang: 'ja', //  only ja (old to-be-removed single-lang build)

Note: not defining a lang prop will automatically configure the build to internally use the en default

Step 2. Disable the @bolt/build-tools cache

This will get updated in the future but for now, you'll likely need to manually disable the build tools cache for a clean initial build

// switch `enableCache` in the `.boltrc` to false
enableCache: false,

Step 3. Enably i18n (If Doing Local Development)

If you are running Bolt locally in dev mode, make sure the i18n CLI flag is set to true.

This can be done by either by running npm run start:lang in the docs site folder for local Bolt development OR ./node_modules/.bin/bolt start --i18n for everyone else.